It only takes a few minutes with Jack and Joann Combes to see why their friends and family enjoy spending time with them. This gracious couple is full of smiles and wonderful stories about their life together--a life chronicled throughout their home by family photos, souvenirs from Jack's travels and work around the world, and prize-winning quilts from Joann's hands. That life has included a longtime relationship with Ochsner, and Jack and Joann decided to show their gratitude to Ochsner by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust several years ago.

Natives of Monet, Mo., Jack and Joann were sweethearts from a young age. Joann still remembers her young beau riding his bike past her house. Jack began his career as a petroleum engineer, and Chevron brought him and his young bride to Louisiana. Their life together is a model for young families-- each sacrificing for the other and supporting the other's interests and work. Jack and Joann raised six children in the growing town of River Ridge, where they still live today.

It was their daughter Julie who brought them to Ochsner--and whose experience at Ochsner changed their lives. Julie is a registered nurse, and during her training she called her parents after her rotation at Ochsner. She told them it was definitely the place to go for healthcare.

Jack and Joann have been Ochsner patients ever since. Joann expressed her gratitude for living in a community that has Ochsner. "I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else," she beams.

When asked about the decision to benefit Ochsner through a planned gift, Jack and Joann say their financial advisor suggested a life income arrangement as an estate planning and management tool. But why benefit Ochsner? The family's relationship with Ochsner deepened when Julie required a kidney transplant. The donor was her brother, Jim. Evidence of the family's strength and sense of humor was Jim's response when, still in recovery, he was first told that his kidney had been transplanted in his sister and was functioning well. "Quality parts," he quipped.

"One thing sticks with you," Jack explains, relating to Julie's successful kidney transplant at Ochsner and his family's gratitude, "and that is a life-saving event."