Medical Excellence

Generous Heart Leads to a Lasting Legacy

Dr. Bernard Turner HickmanDr. Hickman was born to be a physician. He was a third generation medical doctor, following in the footsteps of his father and graduating from Tulane Medical School in 1952. After interning at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, he obtained a fellowship in radiology at Ochsner.

He was an associate professor of radiation oncology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for almost 50 years. His medical practice was extensive and busy, but he also conducted many studies and published articles on the treatment of cancer using radiation therapies. He was a leading therapeutic radiologist in the state of Mississippi and continued to consult until his death in 2009 at the age of 84.

Known by all as a private, dependable and diligent person, Dr. Hickman also had a very generous heart. Even after a lifetime of serving his patients, his state and the Jackson community,

Dr. Hickman continued to find ways to make a significant difference.

One of the many charitable organizations where Dr. Hickman has made a difference is Ochsner, to which he left $500,000 in his will. Through the provisions of his estate plan, Dr. Hickman made clear his gratitude for the education, experience and training he received at Ochsner. He was able to take care of his extended family and demonstrate his passion for Ochsner and several other charities by passing to them very generous bequests.

We will be forever grateful for Dr. Hickman's efforts to care for his patients and advance radiation oncology treatments. His legacy of medical excellence will be remembered, and his gift will allow future fellows to learn how to be Ochsner physicians.

Over the last three decades, over $34 million has been given to Ochsner through planned giving. In 2014 alone, we raised over $2.4 million in bequests, charitable trusts, insurance and retirement plan proceeds. We are grateful to the many people who support Ochsner with a planned gift.

Every year, Ochsner honors those donors who have made a planned gift to support our work. At the 2014 Benefactors’ Dinner, we were proud to recognize Dr. Hickman’s extraordinary bequest. His niece, Bernardette Hickman Hurst, along with her husband Alan came to New Orleans for this special event. It is just one way we can say thanks and acknowledge the impact that Dr. Hickman’s generosity has on Ochsner’s doctors, students and patients.

Planned giving can be very simple and inexpensive to accomplish, and allows donors to support us when they do not have the liquidity or ability to do so in the present. Dr. Bernard Turner Hickman’s story is a wonderful example of how one person can have a tremendous legacy.

Contact Craig Bardell, J.D. at (504) 842-6585 or for more information on how to leave a lasting legacy like Dr. Hickman.