Planned gift donors are invited to join the elite ranks of the Ochsner Clinic Foundation Heritage Society. These are those special donors who leave Ochsner in their wills, create charitable gift annuities or trusts benefiting Ochsner, or give insurance policies. These are referred to as deferred gifts.

Each year the new Heritage Society members are honored at the Benefactor Dinner on Ochsner campus during Founders Week, the first week in May which marks the anniversary of the birthday of Alton Ochsner, M.D. Members are further recognized with an engraved plaque on the Heritage Society Wall in the Atrium Tower.

Helen W. Andress
Alma Hutchison Armstrong
A. B. Arnett
Ben Atchley
Mr. Thomas H. Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Bagby
W. Anderson Baker, III
Lynn and Craig Bardell
William J. Barfield
Lucille Baker
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Barker
Kenneth C. Barranger
Henry J. Bayon, M.D.
Jason and Susanna Berger
Thelma Berry
Ann T. Bland
Arthur M. Blood
Edith S. and Toxie Paul Boone
Thomas F. and Muriel W. Bowen
Carolyn Pick Bronfin
Harry Claude Broussard
Olga Marie Weiss Brousssard
Ollie M. Bush
Roberta K. Bush
Arthur A. Calix, M.D.
Ruth Clark. Campbell
Julie M. Carnahan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Carriere
Stella Fortier Carriere
Mildred Cawthon
Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Charbonnet, Sr.
Alfred H. Clifford
Laura Colcock
W. Ferguson Colcock
Clarence H. Coleman
Ezell B. Coleman
Jack and Joann Combes
Katie T. Conn
Cecile C. Craig
Mary Craigie
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Creekmore
Mrs. L. O. Crosby, Sr.
L. O. Crosby, Jr.
Mrs. Emmett Crumpler
Isabel Haik Davis
O. D. and Susie Day
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Franklin L. Deibert
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Demers
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Diedrich
Edward Dietrich
Seymour S. Dozier
Naomi T. Dubose
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee Duncan
Dr. and Mrs. A. William Dunn
Bouwe Dykstra
Agnes L. Eberhart
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Eberts
Mary S. Elrod
Mr. Sidney Englander
Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Eustis, Jr.
James P. Ewin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Farrens
Elizabeth Fegter
Rose Feingold
Dan J. Feitel
Dora Ferber
Nathan Ferber
Rebecca B. Ferguson
Richard Y. Fernandez
E. C. Ferrell
Margaret C. Flower
Eugene and Delta Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Freiberg
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Fuhrmann
Ingrid Fuhrmann
Edythe Gillard
Gillis, Ellis and Baker, Inc.
Minnie Maurice Gist
Florence S. Gluck
Charles R. Godchaux
Wilma M. Godchaux
Anita S. Goetjen
Wanda and Gary Gollott, Jr.
Velma Goodspeed
Dorothy Graham
A.L. and Pearl Hagedorn
Drs. Patrick and Jeanne Hanley
Frank M. Harris
Byrde Berenson Haspel
Mathilda Ponthier Howard
Fannie G. Hunt
Dr. Robert H. and Dr. Louise A. Hutchinson
Mrs. Florence Jastremski

William Mack and Margaret L. Jenkins
Lucien J. and Margaret J. Joly
Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Kabacoff
Margaret W. Keller
Mary Elizabeth Kift
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. King
Martin P. Kniker
Martha K. Knox
John J. Koehl
Olive May Labouisse
Eileen M. LaGrange
Margaret Ellen Lauer
Mrs. Pendleton E. Lehde
Lincoln P. B. Lipscomb
Joseph H. Livaudais
Rachael Shannon Livaudais
William Locke, M.D.
Robert D. and Jewell P. Lowe
Winifred R. Lynch
Joanna G. Magale
Meredith Mallory, Jr., M.D.
Mary M. Marsalise
Barbara and Roy O. Martin, Jr.
Linda K. Matessino, R.N.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Mayer
Lewis B. Maytag
Lillie Bell McLeod
Barbara C. Milliman
Pierre A. Moore
Mrs. W. A. Morrison
Dorothy C. Nichols
Ecetra Anderson Nippert
Leontine Normandin
Margaret O'Neill
William W. Ochsner
Mrs. Joseph Pasternack
Lucile W. Patin
Phil A. and Scarlett C. Patterson
James G. and Bess W. Patton
Ruby Qvistgaard-Petersen
Martha B. Phillips
Carl W. Pinkham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Pope, Jr.
George H. Porter III, M.D.
Virginia P. Porter, M.D.
John Poulsen
Jessie D. Puckett, Jr.
Elaine Pujo Reily
Newton M. Richard, Jr.
James T. Richards
Elinor Bright Richardson
Katherine R. Rimmer
Summerfield G. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Johan Ruinen
Maurice Rybiski
Arthur J. Sawyer
Morris Shaffer
Edward C. Singleton
Max W. Sofer
Mr. and Mrs. John Sowell
Gladden H. Spigener
Julius J. Stern
Andrew Stewart
Mattie Edith Kemp Stewart
Beryl W. Stiles
Julia Lee and Charles F. Stubbs
Blanche T. Summers
Carl Swisher
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Tansey
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Thalheim, Jr.
Mary Reymond Theard
Marion Moore Todd
Catherine Burns Tremaine
Lillian Moore Turner
Mr. William Douglas Turner, Jr.
Katherine Upton
Augusta Pipes Vaughey
Ernest C. Villere
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Walsh
Mrs. Elma Warren
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Watson
Mr. Alcide Webre, Jr.
Mildred L. Wendling
Ann B. West
Polly and Fred Westphal
Catherine and Thomas Edward Weiss
Sterling J. White
L. B. Whitfield, Jr.
Lelia M. Wilkins
Willis Wilmot
Mr. and Mrs. John Wogan
Mary V. and William G. Wright, Jr.
Joseph N. Wyble